El Salvador

El Salvador Centeral America is a hidden Paradis, spent a wonderful 7 days. It was extremely hot and it is a great resort. We are not done with Centeral America

The resort

It's a 1/4 of a mile long, has 5 towers facing the ocean , all rooms face the ocean and there are huge long pools in front. Beautiful place and really nice people.

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The countryside

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Guatemala and Antigua

Guatemala Lives in the shadow of three Volcanoes and they are very active every 10 min or so one of them expels ash it it quite cool!

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The Beach

Because the beach on the resort is blocked by lava rocks to stop errosion, the resdort has another beach that they bring you too so you can play in the waves. Man what a beach! 2 bucks and a 20 min bus ride and this place is beautiful! Plus you get free food n drinks !

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