Antigua & Barbuda

These Islands are GORGEOUS!!
p1010310  Landing in AntiguaNEW  p1010311NEW  p1010312NEW  p1010313NEW 
p1010314NEW  p1010315NEW  p1010316NEW  p1010317  This was the view from the roomNEW 
p1010318  Couldn't get any better!NEW  p1010319NEW  p1010320  Our roomNEW  p1010321NEW 
p1010322NEW  p1010324NEW  p1010325NEW  p1010326  The patio's to the right were our placesNEW 
p1010327NEW  p1010329  My honey in the morningNEW  p1010330NEW  p1010331NEW 
p1010332NEW  p1010333NEW  p1010334NEW  p1010335NEW 
p1010336NEW  p1010337  Look at the sky.. the rain went right past us and missed usNEW  p1010338NEW  p1010339NEW 
p1010340NEW  p1010341NEW  p1010342NEW  p1010343NEW 
p1010344NEW  p1010345NEW  p1010346  Our group at the beachNEW  p1010347  Raining today but we didn't care it was warmNEW 
p1010348NEW  p1010349  Nissa being all model like !NEW  p1010350NEW  p1010351  The galsNEW 
p1010352NEW  p1010353  Love this pictureNEW  p1010354NEW  p1010355  The beach on the other sideNEW 
p1010356NEW  p1010357  Smile ShaneNEW  p1010358  That's betterNEW  p1010359NEW 
p1010360NEW  p1010361NEW  p1010362NEW  p1010363NEW 
p1010364NEW  p1010365NEW  p1010366  Jake looked pissed ?NEW  p1010367NEW 
p1010368NEW  p1010369NEW  p1010370NEW  p1010371NEW 
p1010372NEW  p1010373NEW  p1010376NEW  p1010377NEW 
p1010378NEW  p1010379NEW  p1010380NEW  p1010381NEW 
p1010382NEW  p1010383NEW  p1010384NEW  p1010385NEW 
p1010386NEW  p1010387NEW  p1010388  Our resort St James bayNEW  p1010389NEW 
p1010390NEW  p1010391NEW  p1010392NEW  p1010393NEW 
p1010394NEW  p1010395NEW  p1010396NEW  p1010397NEW 
p1010398NEW  p1010399NEW  p1010400NEW  p1010401NEW 
p1010402NEW  p1010403NEW  p1010404NEW  p1010405NEW 
p1010406NEW  p1010407NEW  p1010408NEW  p1010409  Just relaxin in the shadeNEW 
p1010410NEW  p1010411NEW  p1010412NEW  p1010413NEW 
p1010414NEW  p1010415NEW  p1010416NEW  p1010417NEW 
p1010418NEW  p1010419NEW  p1010420  Model of betty's hope a slave plantation for sugarNEW  p1010421NEW 
p1010422NEW  p1010423NEW  p1010424NEW  p1010425NEW 
p1010426NEW  p1010427NEW  p1010428NEW  p1010429NEW 
p1010430NEW  p1010431NEW  p1010432NEW  p1010433NEW 
p1010434NEW  p1010435NEW  p1010436NEW  p1010437NEW 
p1010438NEW  p1010439NEW  p1010440NEW  p1010441NEW 
p1010442NEW  p1010443NEW  p1010444NEW  p1010445NEW 
p1010447NEW  p1010448NEW  p1010450NEW  p1010451NEW 
p1010452NEW  p1010453NEW  p1010454NEW  p1010455NEW 
p1010456NEW  p1010457NEW  p1010458NEW  p1010459NEW 
p1010460NEW  p1010461NEW  p1010462NEW  p1010463NEW 
p1010464NEW  p1010465NEW  p1010466NEW  p1010467NEW 
p1010468NEW  p1010469NEW  p1010470NEW  p1010471NEW 
p1010472NEW  p1010473NEW  p1010474NEW  p1010475NEW 
p1010476NEW  p1010477NEW  p1010478NEW  p1010479NEW 
p1010480NEW  p1010481NEW  p1010482NEW  p1010483NEW 
p1010484NEW  p1010485NEW  p1010486NEW  p1010487NEW 
p1010488NEW  p1010489NEW  p1010491NEW  p1010492NEW 
p1010493NEW  p1010494NEW  p1010495NEW  p1010496NEW 
p1010497NEW  p1010498NEW  p1010499NEW  p1010500NEW 
p1010501NEW  p1010502NEW  p1010503NEW  p1010504NEW 
p1010505NEW  p1010506NEW  p1010507NEW  p1010508NEW 
p1010509NEW  p1010510NEW  p1010511NEW  p1010512NEW 
p1010513NEW  p1010514NEW  p1010515NEW  p1010516NEW 
p1010517NEW  p1010518NEW  p1010519NEW  p1010520NEW 
p1010521NEW  p1010522NEW  p1010523NEW  p1010524NEW 
p1010526NEW  p1010527NEW  p1010528NEW  p1010529NEW 
p1010530NEW  p1010531NEW  p1010532NEW  p1010533NEW 
p1010534NEW  p1010535NEW  p1010536NEW  p1010537NEW 
p1010538NEW  p1010539NEW  p1010540NEW  p1010541NEW 
p1010542NEW  p1010543NEW  p1010544NEW  p1010545NEW 
p1010546NEW  p1010547NEW  p1010548NEW  p1010549NEW 
p1010550NEW  p1010551NEW  p1010552NEW  p1010553NEW 
p1010554NEW  p1010555NEW  p1010556NEW  p1010557NEW 
p1010558NEW  p1010559NEW  p1010560NEW  p1010561NEW 
p1010562NEW  p1010563NEW  p1010564NEW  p1010565NEW 
p1010566NEW  p1010567NEW  p1010568NEW  p1010569NEW 
p1010570NEW  p1010571NEW  p1010572NEW  p1010573NEW 
p1010574NEW  p1010575NEW  p1010576NEW  p1010577NEW 
p1010578NEW  p1010579NEW  p1010580  Montserrat in the shadowsNEW  p1010581  1 prick beside the other  HAHAHA  Just kidding Cactus!NEW 
p1010582NEW  p1010583NEW  p1010584NEW  p1010585NEW 
p1010586NEW  p1010587  Eric Clapton built this for the wife and she never cared for it ?NEW  p1010588NEW  p1010589NEW 
p1010590NEW  p1010591  Would have wanted to be near this when it ruptured!!NEW  p1010592NEW  p1010593NEW 
p1010594NEW  p1010595NEW  p1010596NEW  p1010597NEW 
p1010598NEW  p1010599NEW  p1010600NEW  p1010601  Swam with the stingrays what a BLAST!!NEW 
p1010602NEW  p1010603NEW  p1010604NEW  p1010605NEW 
p1010606NEW  p1010608NEW  p1010609NEW  p1010610NEW 
p1010611NEW  p1010612NEW  p1010613NEW  p1010614NEW 
p1010615NEW  p1010616NEW  p1010617NEW  p1010618NEW 
p1010619NEW  p1010620NEW  p1010621NEW  p1010622NEW 
p1010624NEW  p1010625NEW  p1010626NEW  p1010628NEW 
p1010629NEW  p1010630NEW  p1010631NEW  p1010632NEW 
p1010633NEW  p1010635NEW  p1010636NEW  p1010637NEW 
p1010638NEW  p1010639NEW  p1010640NEW  p1010641NEW 
p1010642NEW  p1010643NEW  p1010644NEW  p1010645NEW 
p1010646NEW  p1010647NEW  p1010648NEW  p1010649NEW 
p1010650NEW  p1010651NEW  p1010652NEW  p1010653NEW 
p1010654NEW  p1010655NEW  p1010656NEW  p1010657NEW 
p1010658NEW  p1010659NEW  p1010661NEW  p1010662NEW 
p1010663NEW  p1010664  I liked it better with the towel Jake !NEW  p1010665NEW  p1010666NEW 
p1010667NEW  p1010668NEW  p1010669NEW  p1010670NEW 
p1010671NEW  p1010672  Mike being all model like ....ewwwNEW  p1010673  Thats my sweetieNEW  p1010674NEW 
p1010675NEW  p1010676NEW  p1010677NEW  p1010678  Too fat to fly! reallyNEW 
p1010679NEW  p1010680NEW  p1010681  yeah I can't fly eitherNEW  p1010682NEW 
p1010683NEW  p1010684NEW  p1010685NEW  p1010686NEW 
p1010687NEW  p1010688NEW  p1010690  I ate soooo much I could have thrown up !NEW  p1010691NEW 
p1010692NEW  p1010694NEW  p1010695NEW  p1010696NEW 
p1010697NEW  p1010698NEW  p1010699NEW  p1010700NEW 
p1010701NEW  p1010702NEW  p1010705NEW  p1010706  Camera in the water is not what I thought it would look likeNEW 
p1010707NEW  p1010708NEW  p1010709  3 StoogesNEW  p1010710NEW 
p1010711NEW  p1010712NEW  p1010713NEW  p1010715NEW 
p1010716NEW  p1010717NEW  p1010718NEW  p1010719NEW 
p1010720NEW  p1010721NEW  p1010722NEW  p1010723NEW 
p1010724NEW  p1010725NEW  p1010726NEW  p1010727NEW 
p1010728NEW  p1010729NEW  p1010730NEW  p1010731NEW 
p1010733NEW  p1010734NEW  p1010735NEW  p1010736NEW 
p1010737NEW  p1010738NEW  p1010739NEW  p1010740NEW 
p1010741NEW  p1010742NEW  p1010743NEW  p1010744NEW 
p1010745NEW  p1010746NEW  p1010747NEW  p1010748NEW 
p1010749NEW  p1010750NEW  p1010751NEW